Friday, September 01, 2006

The Iran Threat

It looks like the world is finally waking up to the threat of Iran. It's about time! Why do people not understand that you cannot negotiate with terrorists?!! That defeats the point of terror. They terrorize to accomplish whatever their goal is, and when you give them what they want they only become stronger. They will continue to terrorize because it works! Don't think for a moment that they can be negotiated with. If you give in to a terrorist, the terrorist wins.

We saw where giving in got Israel. Israel pulled out of Lebanon and Gaza. Did that satisfy Lebanon or Gaza? Obviously not - they responded by kidnapping soldiers and lobbing thousands of rockets at innocent people. THE TERRORISTS WILL NEVER BE SATISFIED UNTIL ISRAEL IS WIPED OFF THE PLANET! How do I know this? The Palestinian National Covenant, drawn up by the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO), says so.

Don't be fooled. Terrorism is not about conceding land, or conceding anything for that matter. It is about a complete takeover. JUST SAY NO to terrorism.


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