Saturday, September 09, 2006

"Thank You Israel"

The following was written by Bridgette Gabriel at
For the millions of Christian Lebanese driven out of our homeland, "Thank you Israel," is the sentiment echoing from around the world. The Lebanese Foundation for Peace, an international group of Lebanese Christians, mad the following statement in a press release to Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert concerning the latest Israeli attacks against Hezbollah:

"We urge you to hit them hard and destroy their terror infrastructure. It is not [only] Israel who is fed up with this situation, but the majority of the silent Lebanese in Lebanon who are fed up with Hezbollah and are powerless to do anything out of fear of terror retaliation."
It is not only the Israelis that want Hezbollah out of Lebanon, but also the Lebanese. Do not blame the recent war on the Israelis. Israel was the victim, not the aggressor. And please do not try to paint Hezbollah as a charitable organization, citing the hospitals that they have built and the food that they have provided. If you have any doubt about the character of Hezbollah, the Lebanese, who are in the best position to know, state that those of Hezbollah are terrorists. Lebanon by and large does not support Hezbollah, but by their own admission, they are too afraid to speak out. Do the world a favor and get rid of Hezbollah once and for all.


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